The Air Jordan 33 has, so far, been a bit of a mixed bag on the court.

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The cushion is solid, traction gets the job done, and the materials are just fine. In short, this shoe works. However, some of the most innovative elements have been divisive. The Air Jordan 33 All-Star doesn’t hide these flaws in glimmer, but it does help hide them slightly.

This edition of Jordan Brand’s latest flagship performer comes decked out in chrome elements throughout. The All-Star festivities, held this year in Charlotte, North Carolina, were riddled with serious sneaker hype. Yet and still, Jordan Brand continues to find a way to stand out amongst the wide array of options.

The theme here is very plainly futuristic. As this shoe’s design is very forward-looking, this comes as no surprise at all. The FastFit straps are in an interesting color combination. One half of the main midfoot strap is in Blue while a contrasting Red tone hits the opposite end. The bigger strap, closer to the heel, takes on the same flip to alternate between those two colors from shoe to shoe.

The main issue that critics have with this shoe is the support system. Specifically, it comes with a lace-free construction. Now, that would normally be seen as quite the advantage for a basketball shoe. After all, most of us in the sneaker community are usually clamoring for something fresh, something new. The Air Jordan 33’s lack of laces was an interesting answer to those needs. However, it’s a bit troublesome for some wearers.

For the most part, though, it’s a matter of adjusting yourself to this relatively new concept. Though we’ve seen laceless models in the past, FastFit is a first. That being said, this All-Star iteration shows us that the Air Jordan 33 doesn’t lack in looks at all!

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