It all started back in ’95 when MJ came back to the NBA from his baseball-break. Two high-school friends, Damian and Mike, always dreamed of playing in Air Jordans, Pippens, Barkleys or Pennys. But either weren’t able to find them in Poland or simply couldn’t afford it. 

11 years later, same two guys found themselves in a position to make their dreams come true. Although maybe in a little bit different way… On September 23rd 2006 they opened the very first basketball sneaker store in Warsaw, Poland. And it quickly became people’s favorite and legendary spot. Made by ballers for ballers with a unique kicks selection from finest retro silhouettes to brand new hi-tech performance signatures.

10 years later KICKS Store is still on top of the game. Known for its premium customer service and friendly atmosphere is a “go-to-shop” for every basketball fan or player at any level of competition.


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